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The swishy silks of Panipat

A place referred to in the holy Bhagavad Gita, as one of the villages given to the Pandavas, a place where historical epic battles have been fought during Mughal times, Panipat, the district town of Haryana, is today known as the city of the Weaver and flourishing from a prosperous textile industry.
Panipat, the city of fine art silks
Panipat being close to Delhi, and famous for its quality blankets and carpets thanks to migrants from across the border who settled here and propagated their craft, is also home to many industries and small businesses, including a prosperous handloom weaving industry. It is home to good quality art silks that are specific to the place and therefore known as Panipat Silks.

The advantage of Handloom art silks
With the rising cost of silk and the limited availability of natural silk, man-made or artificial silks such as Nylon, Rayon, ChiffonGeorgetteCrepe Silk, Polyester and others have become popular. Art silks are a good substitute for the naturally reared silk, closest in imitability of the endearing properties of smoothness, softness, lustre, strength etc, and have a very widespread existence today. Art silks can be handloom woven or produced by power looms, the difference lying only in the method of weaving the cloth. Handloom art silks are woven like any other handloom fabric yarn, the advantage being, the close properties of the natural silk are maintained while the cost being much cheaper to it comparatively. Prints of all sorts come out very well on Art silks. Additionally handlooms are adorned separately and this follows for the art silks as well.

Buying online Panipat silk sarees from Unnati Silks
Unnati Silks has a good collection of the Panipat Art Silk sarees. You have light colored sarees with distributed motifs all over with modern art abstracts in scintillating colors on the pallus (end pieces) of fine count Panipat silks. There are georgettes with fancy designs and lovely booti prints. In deep shades of bright colors, the field is covered in fancy small prints and has a beautiful contrast border with fine designs on it. The Pallu is a designer affair with novel block prints. There are crepe silks and chiffons and nylon versions that contribute to the making of lovely designer versions.

Picture some saree delights in Panipat Silks. The ravishing golden mustard orange colour art Panipat silk saree has cream floral block prints all over. Black and Cream mango buttis on orange colour setting on a maroon patch runs alongside a plain green border. The pallu is an exquisite mango buttis and floral design printed affair. This sensational piece could serve for all exclusive occasions.

The gorgeous golden yellow art Panipat Silk saree has self colour abstract block prints on it. There are purple, pink and purple plain borders running parallel to a cream patch with designer prints all along the length. The designer pallu has alternate prints on cream setting, plain purple and pink borders. This shimmering saree would do well for weddings, parties, festivals and social invites.

Buying online and getting the Unnati advantage
Unnatisilks, largest ethnic online Indian shop offers exquisite designer Panipat Silk Sareeswith matching blouse for sale. The Online shopping store has the widest range of ethnic Indian Sarees and Salwar Kameez. At Unnati Silks, you can buy online unique, fancy, exclusive collection of Traditional, Wedding, bridal attire, stylish, party, trendy fashion, formal, corporate, office, daily casual saris in silk, cotton, sico, art silk georgette, chiffon, dupion, tussar, organza, crepe, gicha, jute and other fabric varieties at attractive prices.

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