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The evergreen attraction for the Chanderi saree

Chanderi in M.P., India is traditionally the home of the famed Chanderi sarees, known for the stylistic Bootis and extraordinary threadwork on fine weaves in silk and cotton. The Chanderi saree has been familiar for its mostly light to moderate hues in pleasing patterns and its most attractive feature – the large bootis. With plain to moderately adorned patterns or motifs and small but attractive coloured borders and exquisite pallus with some adornment, Chanderi saris have been popular for the extremely fine texture and sheer quality.

The inspiring variety of the Chanderi cotton saree
It is the single filature method of weaving and the fineness of the yarn used that produces the outcome of a fabric so sheer and so fine in texture, that it is a tribute to the spirit of the weavers who are the authors of this wonderful creation. Enhancing the beauty further is the ‘Booti’, ‘Butti’ or motif, which is an interlaced, hand-woven, shape, consisting of gold, silver or copper coated threads. The Asharfi Butti, or Gold Coin shaped Booti has been a popular choice since earlier times, though the pure gold or silver used in its making has given way to tested Zari, which is woven from synthetic yarn by needles of different sizes. The bigger version of the ‘Butti’ is popularly known as ‘Butta’.

A major difference in the making methods is that the ‘Bootis’ of hand-woven Chanderi cotton saris, retain their shape and appearance throughout the life of the fabric, with no thread coming out from the ‘Butti’ structure. The same cannot be said for the one woven from synthetic yarn, which tends to lose the initial shape and appearance after some time. Brilliant floral designs adorn the Chanderi cotton saree, and Buttis once only hand-woven on the fabric, have been replaced by gold-printed ‘Butti’prints on the silk fabric body. The elegance, and charm of the Chanderi cotton saree makes it ideal for a variety of occasions. Be it merely casual wear, for office, festivals, social functions or outings, the Chanderi cotton sarees are suitable for almost any occasion.

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