Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Stylish Checks saree - traditional pattern still popular

The Saree, a national fabric and traditional attire in many states of India, has been a remarkable canvas for the stylish checks design. The checks or chequered pattern refers to horizontal and vertical lines crossing each other perpendicularly to form squares. It gets its idea mainly from the game of chess where the chessboard of black and white squares serves as the perfect example.

The essence of the Checks Pattern
It has caught the imagination of fabric lovers and designers throughout the world, on account of the symmetry and pleasing effect of colours judiciously used in this pattern on a fabric. If the number of threads per inch, is equal in both warp and weft, then the criss-cross weave forms a brilliant self checks pattern. The same checkered pattern with change in shades or colours in warp and weft provides for different coloured checks. If the pattern highlights in a particular direction contrasting it with the line perpendicular to it, then it can be judiciously used to create heightening or standing-out effect for the fabric in a particular colour setting.

Plaids vs Checks
Plaids and checks are similar since both have squares forming in the pattern, but different in that plaids have rectangles and squares, are of deep contrasting colours and are more visibly prominent than checks. 

While checks have limited scope, it is quite interesting to experiment with plaids and there is a new craze for fresh plaids designs constantly.

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Stylish Checks is a popular pattern across the world. Unnati Silks has seen fit to have it in its many varieties that it makes for interesting fare. You have the soft handloom cotton weaves of Assam as well as the Assam Sicos both presenting checks in their own ways, the former displaying in usual fashion, the latter in a ravishing sensational style. There is the Meghalaya handloom sico which has the usual multi- colour checks pattern till the tantalizing shining and adorned border hits you. A whole lot of Chanderi musicians that range from ordinary to sensational, with change of design, adornments, borders making the stylish checks look radically different each time. So the treat continues further with Banarasi sico toMaheshwari SicotoBengal cotton,Chanderi Cotton,Dharwad Handloomand a lot more. An enviable collection indeed!      

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

The soft appeal of the Tissue silk sarees

The Tissue silk saree is a fine transparent silk well known for distinctive features of uniform structure, strength and flexibility. Tissue silk sarees can be designed in fashionable varieties like interweaving with gold and silk threads or printing in fancy colors. Based on design and style, tissue silk saree is a wonderful drape for Indian weddings and bridal ceremonies, evening parties and casual meetings.

The endearing features of the Tissue Silk Sari
Tissue Silk saris have a glossy sheen because of using real gold or silver zari in weft on silk warp. Fancy block prints enhance the beauty of tissue silk saree. Exquisite patterns created by various Indian handloom clusters on tissue silk is beautiful and in demand.

Buy online Tissue Silk Sarees from Unnati Silks
Unnati Silks has an exclusive collection of Kota Doria Tissue Silk sarees that are varied and exquisite. Handloom Tissue silk saris of quality weave and rich colours, the Tissue Silk sarees collection is quite impressive.

In light and pastel hues the Tissue Silk sarees with floral block printing have nice wide Paithani and Banarasi patch borders with the lustrous magnificence of zari.

You have a striking rich peach pink Kota handloom pure tissue silk saree that has zari weaving buttis distributed all over. There are floral zari buttis on the border flanked by small peach pink borders either side of it. The pallu is a zari weaving floral butti designer affair. A rich offering it would suit grand occasions like weddings, parties and invites. The sparkling cream pure Kota Tissue Silk saree with zari weaving floral buttis and red thread weaving floral buttis along with zari border and a small red border either side of it, has a pallu that has a red zari weaving butti design. This saree would also serve for exclusive occasions of any sort, like weddings and parties.

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Unnati silks, largest ethnic Indian shop online provides for you to buy Tissue silk saris online with matching blouse for sale. Online shopping store with the widest range of ethnic Indian Sarees and Salwar Kameez.

At Unnati Silks, you can buy online Tissue Silk sari from the exclusive range of saris - a unique, fancy, exclusive collection of TraditionalWedding, bridal attire, stylish, party, trendy fashion, formal, corporate, office, daily casual saris in silkcottonsicoart silk georgettechiffondupiontussarorganzacrepegichajute and other fabric varieties at attractive prices. 

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Friday, 18 December 2015

Sambalpuri Sarees, Sambalpuri Pure Silk Saris Online, Unnati Silks

The traditional Sambalpuri Saree in its cotton and silk versions is a captivating fabric from the tribal belt of Odisha. Sambalpur in the state of Odisha, India, is famous for its Sambalpuri variety of cotton and silk sarees, using Ikkat patterns or the tie-dye method in their making. A fabric like silk, has lustre, strength, smoothness and soft feel, plus its elasticity and desirable quality to acquire most colours and shades makes it all the more appealing. Silk is soft, smooth, airy and very comfortable for all-day wear, apart from the grandeur that it provides.

The Ikkat tie & dye Sambalpuri Silk sarees
The Ikkat style of weaving is employed in the hand-woven Sambalpuri sari using geometrical patterns. Ikkat is a technique which involves applying bindings, which resist dye penetration to the threads in pre-determined patterns, and then dyeing the threads. These dyed threads are then woven to produce the desired pattern. Within the ikkat style are variants of single-ikkat and double-ikkat. Alternately the tie-die method of weaving and then dyeing, known as 'bandhakala' is also used.  Here the threads are first woven and the resist bindings then applied to the fabric before dyeing it.  This traditional art uses vegetable dyes to a large extent , with a leaning toward artificial colours in present day creations. Black, yellow, orange, maroon, are the preferred hues. Sambalpuri silk sarees find preference for exclusive occasions like weddings, as bridal attire, parties, festivals, social functions and traditional rituals.

Buy online special Sambalpuri Silk saris from Unnati Silks
The new-look Sambalpuri Silk Sarees from Unnati are a healthy blend of traditional with trending, elevating eye-catching appeal to bewitching heights.

Unnati experiments with traditional styles in a fusion with modern designs and patterns.  The grand Sambalpuri Silk Sari is woven using threads of pure silk, mulberry silk, or tussar silk.  Latest designs and unique patterns with hand woven borders and artistic pallus produce a rich look , making them suitable for marriages and bridal wear.There are several varieties of Silk Sarees in the Sambalpuri range.  Sambalpuri sari ikkat, Bomkai Sambalpuri Saree, Sambalpuri pure silk saree etc.  Silk grand Sambalpuri The Sari is woven using the ikkat or tie-dye but with the methods threads being pure silk,  mulberry silk,  or  tussar  silk.  Designer silk sarees sambalpuri  in fancy colors and unique patterns are fashionable and in demand.  They serve well for corporate conferences.  They also suit as stylish but elegant wear for schools and colleges. 

Latest sambhalpuri silk saris with artistic hand woven borders and pallu work, show their opulence and are very much suitable as grand wear for weddings, bridal occasions.  A special method of cutting warp ends of a colour and re-tying them to different coloured warp ends , known as 'muha-johra' is used to create a dense layer of colours at the end piece (pallu) of the Saree.  Bright coloured panels with extra motifs on a highly contrasting background make this tribal art fabric uniquely stand out.  Motif patterns commonly adorning the fabric are bitter gourd, the atasi flower, the kanti-phul or small flower, peacocks and birds, Konark temple, conches.    

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Chettinad Silk Sarees - Fabrics that spellbind

Chettinad, or Chettinadu in Tamil Nadu, India has contributed to the Indian cultural scene through its famed Chettinad style of cooking and the unique Chettinad sarees. The distinguishing features of the Chettinad sari are its seemingly heavy look and the striking colours that are achieved through a deft combination of stripes, checks and colour contrasts. The heaviness is attributed to the historical fact that the saree was worn without other accompaniments and in a different way from what is prevalent today. The saree was also said to be of shorter length than the conventional one, exposing the anklet portion of the wearers. The modern Chettinadu silk sarees still maintain rudiments of the original version, but have been suitably modified to meet current day needs of the saree-wearers. The base With cotton fabric material and the hallmarks of thickness and huge 'kandanghi' borders are merged with colourful trendy designs and embroidery to create the elegant 'Chettinad magic'.  

Buy Chettinad handloom sarees online at Unnati Silks
Spread of Chettinad The silk sarees online at Unnati Silks have endearing features that capture the Kandanghi Chettinad sarees yet infuse the fusion with modern features. There are silk weaves of the Chettinad sari with fancy block prints and attractive wide zari borders.

The fact zari In  naksi borders  on the designer printed pallu give a royal touch to the Chettinadu silk sarees. You have half half sarees with plain areas and lightly adorned with motifs and complemented by exquisite thread embroidery. Of course you also have thin line zari border running throughout the length of the sari. Are the endearing There engrossing and  checks pattern sarees  where are checks in different colours and in various dimensions. There are also the self coloured checks pattern silk Chettinadu sarees that are always popular and market oriented with neon borders as beautiful contrast a. Is There a range of wedding sarees that makes abundant use of  zari work  on pallus designer.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mysore Silk Sarees Portray Grandeur In The Purest Form

The traditional Mysore Silk saree is regal in appearance and inspiring in its unchallenged position of pride. A royal fabric of grandeur, the Mysore silk saree was originally meant exclusively for the Royal family. Over a period of time it was available for high ranked and special status persons in society. Today it is available to the market. Despite numerous other saree varieties flooding the market, neither has its demand reduced nor its appeal diminished for the undimmed finery and exquisite workmanship that are its hallmarks of excellence continue to remain as they always were.

The appeal of the Mysore Silk Saree
The distinguishing feature of this saree is the usage of pure silk and 100% pure gold zari (a golden coloured thread containing 65% of silver and 0.65% of gold).The Mysore silk sari is famous for the purity of its silk and a very painstaking process in its making, which ensures that every aspect of the sari is perfect. It has place of pride for its sheen, the purity of the zari used, its softness and its non-crushable quality. The sari rarely fades owing to the purity of the gold and silver used. Despite being a costly and delicate fabric, it does not require excessive care for its maintenance. Mysore silk saris are further enhanced with the use of kasuti embroidery, thickly woven pallus, lovely colour experiments.

Kasuti work involves embroidering intricate patterns like chariot, lamps and conch shells on the fabrics. Locally available materials are used for Kasuti. The patterns are stitched with different varieties of stitches to obtain the desired pattern. Kasuti is a traditional form of embroidery practiced in Karnataka, India. Kasuti work is very intricate and sometimes involves putting a large number of stitches by hand on traditional silk sarees. The Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation (KHDC) has Intellectual Property rights on Kasuti.

Buy online Mysore Silk sarees at Unnati Silks
Unnati silks provides enchanting pure Mysore silk pattu sarees in bright and striking colours, the focus of attraction being the three to four inch wide zari border on these sarees. There are some sarees which are adorned with the stripes design on a plain background, with contrast colours on the border and pallu being of the same colour. There are other sarees where the colourful border flanked by a zari border merges with the same coloured pallu though the main portion is a different colour. Additionally the pallu has designs the outcome is majestic and very striking.

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Unnatisilks, largest ethnic Indian shop to buy online provides offers for you to buy online Mysore silk sarees with matching blouse for sale.Online shopping store with the widest range of ethnic Indian Sarees and Salwar Kameez. At Unnati Silks, you can buy Mysore silk saree online from the exclusive range of saris - a unique, fancy, exclusive collection of Traditional, Wedding, bridal attire, stylish, party, trendy fashion, formal, corporate, office, daily casual saris in silk, cotton, sico, art silk georgette, chiffon, dupion, tussar, organzacrepe, gicha, jute and other fabric varieties at attractive prices.

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