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The Art of Dyeing ‘Natural dyes’ on to Fabrics

          The Art of Dyeing ‘Natural dyes’ on to Fabrics

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India has been considered as forerunner in the art of dyeing textiles. A six-yard sari can showcase outstanding hues and shades by means of natural dyes.

Almost all organic materials produce a colour after dye-bath, but only certain plants will yield a colour which act as a dye, i.e., Natural dye.

Natural dyes are the nature provided colorants, produced from plants, invertebrates or minerals etc. The majority of natural dyes are produced from plant sources like roots, berries, leaves, bark and wood and named as vegetable dyes.

Certain plants like Apple, Alkanet, Alder, Betel nut, Blackberry, Bloodroot, Cherry, Dahlia, Dyer’s broom, Elder, Eucalyptus, Groundnut, Henna, Indigo, Marigold, Onion, Oak, Safflower, Tea, Turmeric, Wild mangos teen etc are the list of plants that are the major traditional dye producers that are most commonly used. But the choice of usage of particular plant is always based on the material with which it will be used.

The usage of natural dyes is as old as the textiles themselves. The art of dyeing has a long past and traces back to its pre-history. The evidence of the usage of dyeing is found in China around 2600 BC. Later, the countries like Egypt, Europe, India, Mesopotamia etc have started producing dyed clothes in textile industries.

Red, blue, yellow, brown, orange and green etc are the first attested colours of ancient textiles. Today, we are having multiple numbers of hues and shades from dyes.
Natural dyes are basically divided into 3 categories:
Natural dyes of Plants
Natural dyes of animals
Natural dyes of minerals
Silk like fabrics can easily coloured by dipping into dyes. But, cotton like fabrics does not react directly with the materials they are intended to colour. For such types, ‘Mordant’ is the best solution, which binds the natural dye to the fabric where the chemical reaction takes place, so that the dye is absorbed.

Many sari producers of India i.e., South Indian Sari producers like ChanderiUppadaMangalagiriDharmavaramKanchipuramNarayanpetGadwal etc and Banarasi BrocadeTantTissue, Kota, Jamdhani, Baluchari, Kantha of North Indian Saris are manufacturing pure natural and vegetable dyed traditional handlooms.

Natural dyed fabrics allows craftsman to design huge number of motifs like flowers, animals, plants, trees, birds, leaves, geometrical shapes and other human and god postures etc. Very intricate works like block printing, batik printing, brocade, embroidery, mirror, stone, kundan, zari, pearl, chamki, booti, patch etc can be easily designed onto the natural dyed fabrics.

South and North Indian saris of natural and vegetable dyed are perfectly suitable for college, classical, corporate and other working women. Silk, Cotton, Crepe, Banaras and other natural dyed fabrics of zari works and patch borders looks good for any occasion. Designer South and North Indian Saris with heavy embroidery works are apt for bridal and wedding ceremonies.
Today, dyeing has become complex, as synthetic and artificial compounds taken major place.

However, the practitioners of natural dye crafts are still producing the same quality and uniqueness, which has become much more attractive to the eye.

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