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A ground work on Patachitra

                      A ground work on Patachitra

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‘Practice makes the best from the rest’ – is today proved by artisans of Patachitra.

Arts and paintings are the mirrors of India. One of the most alluring painting works on textiles is Patachitra.

Patachitra is a vibrant, unique, fine and captivating artwork to display the finesse and dexterous of Indian craftsmanship at its best.

Patachitra or Pattachitra, an ancient art form where the Sanskrit words ‘Patta’ and ‘chitra’ refers to ‘cloth’ and ‘picture’, is basically a cloth-based scroll painting or a picture painting on cloth. It is one of the fascinating creations of Indians that depicts Hindu mythological tales and wonders.

It is an old generation indigenous art, but simply tantalizing the perfectionists.

Basically, Patachitra artwork has a traditional appeal and is inborn with cultural Indian values, customs and rituals, which are the parts of Hindu faith. It is also an immense facet of Indian accessories and other forms of ethnic fashions as well.

This wondrous form of art work was conceptualized by Orissa or Odessa people and dates back to 500BC. According to the historical evidences, village ‘Puri’ is the birth place for Patachitra, which is still popular for this art work. The artisans ‘Mohapatras’ or ‘Maharanas’ are the first craftsman of Patachitra. The richest history of Orissa lent its inspiration to its creative weavers through paintings and detailed skilful works.

The basic form of Patachitra was revolved around the beliefs and ideologies of two cults Jagannath’s and Vaishnava’s. However, West Bengal and Bengal are also the major states that are widely practising Patachitra, apart from Orissa.

The Orissa craftsman offered sufficient scope for this painstakingly and meticulously executed, unique ethnic offering that ‘wowed’ even the contemporary audience today. Rich in colour, along with extraordinary designs and motifs, the Patachitra on sari showcases the tradition and cultures of India.

The style of Patachitra is a unique blend of classical and folk elements along with Mughal influences in it when it comes to the appeal of characters and fashion sense. It also displays epics and religious themes in a detailed narration on any broad canvas.

The features of each character are described in detail with clear dark lines which gives a definite shape and appeal to the figure. The background of each narrative is simple and not too detailed as the main characters and actions need to be focused. The major element observed in each Patachitra art is ‘border’. It is used to showcase uniformity to the entire painting.

Natural and vegetable dyes are used by craftsman rather than chemicals, as to display the art natural. Traditional colours such as red, green, yellow, blue, white and orange are used to define each and every section of painting. Apart from paint and motifs, no additional embellishments are used in making Patachitra.

Patachitra sari adorned by mythological stories and tribal folk arts looks unique in any grand occasion. Some organic shining and hand painted Patachitra saris ‘wows’ the viewers with their awesomeness.

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