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Jacquard Saris for joyous occasions

             Jacquard Saris for joyous occasions

Unnati Silks, one of the largest ethnic Indian Online Shops provides an exquisite collection of ethnic sarees and salwar kameez from traditional pockets across India. Latest Jacquard saris with exquisite designs are available for online sale. Products are dispatched within 24 working hours of placing the order. We have free shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) facilities for domestic retail; worldwide express shipping covers most countries across the globe.

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Jacquard fabrics are known for their greater versatility, durability and qualities. With their unlimited varieties of patterns, they have created new eras.

The stunning attire of women is a Sari. It is considered as a traditional and classical garment where a lot of importance is given in draping. One such super exciting fabric is Jacquard.

Jacquard is an intricately woven pattern or special loom, employed in the weaving of a figured fabric, which is available in many colours, styles, elaborative patterns and decorative designs, is woven on a special loom to produce very complex designs with ease. It has varying finesse as per the quality of the fabric and used in making saris, salwar suits, lehengas, kurtis and upholstery fabrics.

Jacquard, being a member of silk family, creates a very complexity of designs on to the fabric with relatively easy to sew features.

Jacquard fabrics are costly due to the amount of time and skills involved in producing the desired patterns and weaving of the fabrics. The fabrics are commonly used to make soft furnishings, upholstery and clothing. 

Earlier, a process named draw-loom was used in weaving a variety of fabric. Later, the scenario was changed with the invention of Jacquard loom by Joseph Marie Jacquard and then the fabric was named as Jacquard and process was called as Jacquard weaving. This early version ‘Mechanical loom’ is later replaced with larger ‘Capacity machines’ as to reduce the repetition of punching process.

A significant amount of improvement in weaving, designing, styling, quality and time maintaining occurred after the introduction of electronic Jacquard looms in 1980. However, this made the fabric less economical than before as the loom could produce only small batches of fabric and was not viable for a mass scale factory setting.

As per the increasing pace of the technological advancements, computerized looms are introduced in weaving the Jacquard fabric. It automates the whole designing process as less time consuming and more quality intensive by which it creates complex designs with ease.

Jacquard looms are used to produce raised and intricate patterns on fabric. Cottonsilkjutecrepegeorgettechiffon and supernet are some fabrics gone through this mechanism to create designer jacquard clothing. Indian jacquard saris enhances fashion look with magnificent prints and embroidery works and serve for many occasions.
Jacquard fabric is further subdivided into
Brocade fabric
Damask fabric
Matelasse fabric

Brocade is heavier and elaborately patterned raised fabric of multi colour threads and rich designs, where Damask is fine and sheer version of brocade and also a patterned fabric woven mostly with single colour which is generally used in fiber blends or synthetic fiber productions, whereas the Matelasse fabric is woven with cotton, silk or rayon with quilted effects and a stretchy surface.

Jacquard printed saris of cotton, silk, crepe and polyester are fancy wears for the women of corporate and professional works. Designer bollywood Jacquards are apt for bridal ceremonies.
However, Jacquard weaving uses all types of blends, researchers are under way to develop layered and shaped items for component structures.

Unnatisilks, has trendy designs, attractive patterns, in pleasing colours and combinations in its wide collection of designer Jacquard Sarees, at very reasonable prices.

Unnati is one of the largest Indian ethnic online websites with over 300 varieties of traditional sarees and salwar kameez.Dispatch is within 24 hours of order. Free delivery & COD is provided for retail.Worldwide express shipping caters to almost all countries across the world.

UNNATI SILK PRINTS PVT. LTD, #3-4-360, Vajra Complex, General Bazar (Tobacco Bazar), M.G.Road, Hyderabad-500003.AP,India. 040-64555251 or 97000 57744.

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