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Kutch Embroidery- a beautiful handicraft of Gujarat

          Kutch Embroidery- a beautiful handicraft of Gujarat

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Embroidery can make a dull piece into a master piece. Kutch embroideries have proved this with their creative works.

Saree is a ‘six-yard’ of wonder that adds ‘grace’ to the wearers. Especially, Embroidery saris occupy the majority of wardrobes worldwide. One such beautiful and flawless creation of Indian weavers is ‘Kutch embroidery’.

India is renowned of its indigenous arts and creations. Gujarat has given the greatest heritage to the world through its famous and versatile Kutch embroidery.

Kutch or Kachchhi embroidery or Kutchi Bharat or Sindhi stitch, which literally means something, that sporadically becomes wet and dry.

Kutch or Kachchhi embroidery, an age-old traditional handicraft of endless array of designs and colours, has assimilated diverse traditions and styles in the means of hand embroidery, which is an oldest form of embroidery especially known for its romantic motifs and designs.

Kutch embroidery is a varied handicraft forms of Gujarat, which is a vast collection of various kinds of artistry with varying degrees of intricacy. Kutch works plays an active role in the world of fashion with its unique hand embroidered designs.

The origin and history of Kutch works traces back to the times that are immemorial. During, Vedic period, a group of ramblers named ‘Kathi’ cattle breeders who were associated with the mythological figure ‘Karna’ from Mahabharata, used to work for royal textiles of different handmade works. Later, a distinctive style of Kutch work was created by the region over years.Kutch work was actually originated. Kutch and Bhuj regions of Gujarat majorly produce these products. It is said that, Gujarat’s handicraft traditions have existed since centuries.

An interesting fact about this Kutch stitch is, we never know and feel the beauty of work until the result comes out. The output will be a surprise even to the craftsmen.
Kutch embroidery is bright, bold and colourful. It is usually done on fabrics like silk, wool, cotton and others. The work is basically of geometric in form where frame work and interlacing are the perfect combination for the best results.

Here, weaver makes stitches based on frame works. There are two different types of foundation frame works in Kutch: Herringbone stitch and Cretan stitch. Finally, with interlacing, this frame work will be completely filled.

The major colours of Kutch embroidery, such as Green, Ivory, Indigo, Black, and Deep red, Yellow and off White are adorning the look and feel of the fabric. It is also influenced by romantic motifs as well as patterns of human figurines in dancing poses and dancing peacocks too. A lot of motifs are also inspired by Persian and Mughal arts that were mostly inspired by animals.

Kutch embroidery work saris with floral designs are perfect for functions, festivals and other grand occasions. Designer Kutch work saris with heavy embroidery and metal works are apt for weddings and bridal ceremonies.

This is a work where no machine can make this like a human’s hand does.

Unnati Silks, has trendy designs, attractive patterns, in pleasing colours and combinations in its wide collection of Kutch Embroidery Work Sarees and salwar kameez, at very reasonable prices.

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