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Art Silks, the replacements of Natural Silks

         Art Silks, the replacements of Natural Silks

Unnati Silks, one of the largest ethnic Indian Online Shops provides an exquisite collection of ethnic sarees and salwar kameez from traditional pockets across India. Latest Art silk saris with exquisite designs are available for online sale. Products are dispatched within 24 working hours of placing the order. We have free shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) facilities for domestic retail; worldwide express shipping covers most countries across the globe.

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Art silks have taken the markets by storm for the time they have been introduced.

Saris are the genius and tremendous creations of weavers. A ‘six-yard’ of sari is a wonder that adds ‘grace’ to the women who drapes it. One such visual artistic creation of weaver is Art silk.
Nowadays, Art silks have become the popular demand of fabrics mostly because of their easy availability and innumerable usage.

Art silk or Artificial silk or Imitation silk, is basically a synonym for rayon or bamboo silks and also a synthetic manufactured fiber that resembles silk, which is an excellent alternative for the costly pure silk fabrics of airy, light weighted and breathable in natures. The fiber was useful enough to replace silk altogether on certain forefronts and eliminate its usage in certain applications.

By having the properties similar to that of fabric from natural fibres, the feel and texture of cotton, silk or wool is closely imitated, that is why, they are also named as imitation silks.
Art silk is not only used as a base material in manufacturing clothes and fabrics like saris, salwar suits, lehengas and other household things, but also used in designing things like parachutes, umbrellas and etc.

The history of very first Art silk fabric traces back to the earlier 20th century. There is a mythological story spread regarding art silks that, a person who has very less to do with textiles ‘Henry Ford’, hired two chemists to produce silk from soya bean fibers. However the material from which the art silk is manufactured is natural, but the process of manufacturing is quite opposite.

Art silks are cost less, soft and smooth fabrics, which can easily dyed in wide range of hues and shades. As a breathable and absorbing fabric, Art silk Saree keeps the body cool and comfortable since it does not insulate body heat, by making it ideal for use in hot and humid climates.

The silk is also invariably known as viscose or rayon; however, the four major constituents that are used in the manufacturing of artificial silk today include:
Mercerized cotton
and a blend of the above three or a blend of rayon and silk

Surprisingly, as far as the demand for these fabrics, a certain rise in price of these saris has been noticed.

As far as the changes in the fashion environment is considered, weavers of art silk are making various changes in art silk saris by means of artistic bootis, fancy prints, traditional designs, block prints, patch works, zari works and embroidery works like mirrors, sequins, beads, stones, pearls, kundans and etc.

As they are airy, transparent, light weighted and durable in nature, art silk saris are apt for casual, classical and corporate purposes. Designer art silk saris with embroidery works are apt for weddings.

Though the demand for the art silk in the market has its own place, the prestige of pure silk has been etched time and again in the history of fashion and textiles.

Unnati Silks, has trendy designs, attractive patterns, in pleasing colours and combinations in its wide collection of Traditional Art Silk  Pattu Sarees, at very reasonable prices.

Unnati is one of the largest Indian ethnic online websites with over 300 varieties of traditional sarees and salwar kameez.Dispatch is within 24 hours of order. Free delivery & COD is provided for retail.Worldwide express shipping caters to almost all countries across the world.

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