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Bootis - artistic adornment on fabrics

Bootis or Buttis are repeated motifs or patterns hand woven, embroidered or printed onto handloom sarees. They enhance the beauty of any fabric on which they are added. Hand woven Bootis were earlier woven by needles of different sizes based on the size and number of bootis to be woven. The Chanderi Saree especially makes the use of Bootis as a compulsory adorning feature. The Asharfi Butti has been the most popular shape since historical times. Shaped like the gold coin it once used pure gold and silver zari, but today makes use of gold coloured thread or zari. Mango, flowers, geometrical patterns, birds, leaves are other popular buttis. The bigger version of butti is called Butta. Bootis were once in use exclusively for royal families but today they are commonly used as an adorning ornament on all types of fabrics. Nowadays Tested Zari or synthetic fibre Zari is used for making buttis.

The hand-woven Booti superior
Hand-made Bootis are permanent in nature i.e. they are very durable. Interlaced they do not lose the original shape and structure throughout the life of the saree. The Chanderi Saree makes use of very fine quality thread so that the original shape and appearance of the motif remains intact always. Also the stitching in of the butti is a skilled art so it never comes undone. In comparison, synthetic fibre buttis lose their shape and structure after some time. The weaving of the synthetic buttis through the power looms also leaves much to be desired.

So fine is the hand weave that the naked eye can more or less distinguish between the hand woven butti and the one woven on a power loom. Buttis once only hand-woven on the fabric, have been replaced by gold-printed ‘Butti’ prints on the silk fabrics.

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Bootis or motifs are the eye-catchers or the attention pullers on any fabric. The saree with its large canvas offers immense scope for it to be fully exploited. Unnati Silks has a fine range of artistic booti sarees. Popular bootis are mango, peacock, star or some floral design. However there are very many other attractive shapes that also figure on the range of sarees. You have an excellent variety in the finely embroidered floral designs on crepe art silks, sensational zari covered bootis on a banarasi georgette sari, a mix of thread and zari embroidery on bootis on the Meghalaya silk saree, the attractive zari mango bootis on the border of the Chanderi sico saree and the adorning bootis of the pallu of the Kota Doria Tissue Silk saree. Meant to catch attention, they’re a big draw at almost any occasion, the bigger the booti the greater the attention. An exquisite charmer meant for all grand occasions, be it weddings, corporate functions, special invites or big parties.

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