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Sensational Handloom Mysore cotton sarees

The Mysore cotton sarees have designer pallu and borders. This sari is famous all over India.
Mysore, Karnataka is the home of the Mysore cotton sarees. This sarees are elegant piece and are grandeur worthy of their creation. The market is now also crazy about producing the cotton sarees. The demand for these sarees didn’t go down because of its availability.

The distinguishing feature of this saree is the usage of pure cotton and 100% pure gold zari (a golden coloured thread containing 0.65% of gold).

The Mysore cotton saree is famous for the purity of its cotton and a very painstaking process in its making, which ensures that every aspect of the sari is perfect. The saree gives softness; zari is pure, sheen and non-crushable quality.  The sari rarely fades owing to the purity of the gold and silver used. Despite being a costly and delicate fabric, it does not require excessive care for its maintenance.

Its Geographical Indication Certification was received in 2009, making Mysore cotton a geographical indication, which provides legal status and right as a place-named product.

The Mysore is the home town that produces saris. The kota cotton Masuria is one among the varieties found. The Mysore weavers weave the kota saris and hence the name famous as Kota Masuria.

Mysore cotton sarees are further enhanced with the use of kasuti embroidery, thickly woven pallus, Bandhani incorporations and colour experiments. The kasuti embroidery traditionally done on cotton saris are best use in summers.

This embroidery is practiced in Karnataka, India. Kasuti work is very intricate and sometimes involves putting a large number of stitches by hand on traditional cotton sarees like Kanjeevaram. The Karnataka Handicrafts development (KHDC) has intellectual property rights on Kasuti.

Kasuti work involves embroidering intricate patterns like chariot, lamps and conch shells on the fabrics. The item that is to be decorated is first marked with charcoal, pencil or carbon paper and then suitable colored thread and needles are selected. The patterns are stitched with different variety of stitches to get desired patterns.

This kasuti embroidery is done on cotton also. The advantages of cotton are it absorbs moisture, soft, hypoallergenic, insulation, weatherproof, durability and comfortable to wear. It is environmentally friendly and has little to maintain. The cotton fabric is best wear and suitable in any season. Especially during the summer season the cotton sarees are used.

The designer Mysore cotton sarees are also very fine wear during the wedding times. This particular sarees gives an elegant look to the person who wears it. The saris are suitable for college parties, weddings, family get-togethers and corporate office.

Hence this sarees are very much famous in the Unnatisilks shop. Modern generations like to wear designer Mysore cotton sarees. The fashionable trend carries such that it can flatter various body shapes and at the same time cotton saree is comfortable enough not to emphasize areas, but one prefers to keep covered.

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