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The evergreen attraction for the Chanderi saree

The chanderi cotton saris are very fine in texture which lends to charm and elegant to the woman who like to chooses to wear it.

The Chanderi is situated in Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh. The chanderi is also called the world of fabrics. The chanderi sarees are well known for its sheer quality, fine in texture and a beautiful work in art and designs. The hand-woven variety especially, extracts a lot of patience, dedication and craftsmanship in its making.

The difference in weaving for this particular loom lies in its quality. The  art of weaving is since a royal times, this cultural tradition has still survived the test of time, praises to the people of chanderi, as families upon families have whole-heartedly ardent  their lives in sustaining it.

It is the single method of weaving and the fineness of the yarn used. Known for the outcome of the production of a fabric is so sheer and fine in texture.  The honor to the spirit of the weavers lies, who are the authors of the wonderful creations.

Heightening the beauty further it is the Butti or motifs which is an interlaced, hand-woven, shape. This consists of gold, silver or copper coated threads.  The most popular choice is the Asharfi Butti, or Gold Coin shaped butti since very earlier times. Today s trend use tested zari instead of pure gold or silver threads. The largest version of the buttis is popular known as Butta.

The major difference in making methods is that of the Buttis of hand-woven chanderi sarees. There different variety of shapes and designs that are applied to the fabric. The synthetic yarns are also used now a days, which tends to lose the initial shape and appearance after some time.

The base fabric of chanderi cotton sarees are either cotton or silk. Beautiful floral designs or batik, adorns the cotton version of the sarees. The work done on cotton fabric  are zardosi, zari, Ari, Gota and Chikan to name a few. Different buttis one only  hand-woven on the fabric, have been replaced by gold-printed. Butti prints on the cotton fabric body is marvelous.

The cotton fabric is itself is a very good wear during the summer. The benefits of this particular sarees are that it is light weight, airy and comfortable to wear. The durability and strengthening property is very fair. It is soft touch and have good resistant to heat.

New trend of generation of Hyderabad likes to wear this type of sarees. The chanderi silk sarees have a cut that is given a gift to the younger generations. The style carries such that it can flatter various body shapes and at the same time cotton saree is comfortable enough not to emphasize  areas, but one prefers to keep covered.

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