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The new charm of the fusion Chanderi Sico sarees

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By displaying its passion through weaving, Chanderi is contributing its freshness to the world.India is a hub where tradition and culture takes major place. Indian Saris are admired everywhere for their fineness, individuality and quality.

One of the best saree producers and handloom clusters of India is Chanderi. Sarees from Chanderi are famous for their delicacy, sheer and soft textures and light in weight with glossy transparencies. The distinguishing feature of these fabrics apart from soft and gauzy-like appearances is its unmatched sophistications.

Chanderi, a well-famed handloom cluster known for its century old weaving speciality in producing fine weaves and luxurious fabrics, has emerged as the most understated Indian ethnic attire and stands as an impeccable choices for ceremonial dressing.

Basically, a Chanderi fabric comes in three varieties: Chanderi silkChanderi Cotton and 

Chanderi Sico, a hand-woven variety with fineness in texture & richness in quality as parameters and motifs & transparency as characteristics, is fascinating many creative minds of the fashion industry.

Chanderi fabrics borrowed the name from its root, Chanderi, which is located in Madhya Pradesh. The royalty and richness of Chanderi lies in its goose bumping history. Long back in Vedic period it is a belief that, Shishupal, the cousin of Lord Krishna, found these fabrics.  After, in 1910, a Chanderi muslin saree was brought by a royal family to Chanderi.

Later, the weavers of Chanderi started producing these hand spun sarees by using warp and weft, and then the fabrics got the name as “Chanderi”. Today, these six yard sarees are popular all over the world only because of their individualities.

The Chanderi handloom cluster, especially, extracts a lot of patience, dedication and craftsmanship. The excellence in fabrics is making them very special and unique. Today, Chanderi stands the best in market, by fine weaving and coupling of yarns along with skills of traditional-bound weavers.

Sico, the latest and richest version of Chanderi, is the combination or mixer of both silk and cotton fabrics along with gold and silver threads. In this the silk warp will be wafted with cotton warp.

The motifs or Buttis of Chanderi muslin are primarily woven on handloom clusters. Here, separate needles are used in creating various motifs and are coated by the weavers with gold, silver as well as copper threads.

The motifs are basically inspired from nature and include Swans, gold coins, fruits, and heavenly bodies. From traditional motifs of flowers, peacock, lotus to modern geometric patterns, today one can find strikingly beautiful motifs like ‘Nalferma, ‘Dandidar, ‘Chatai’, ‘Jangla’, Mehndi wale haath’ etc are adorning the Chanderi fabrics. Colour palette of Chanderi sarees are predominately ruled by soft pastel hues, however with changing times, vibrant combinations are came into existence.

Chanderi Sico sarees are all time wearable garments of women. Chaderi Sico sarees of butti works and large pallus are suitable for grand functions and working places. Designer Chanderi sico sarees with heavy embroideries are apt for weddings and bridal ceremonies.

The government should help Chanderi in sustaining its traditional art from.

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