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Online Saris in Jakarta

Bomkai sari, which is even known, has Sonepuri sari that is uniquely woven, and weaved in the western part of Orissa.  Originally, weaving of this sari was made with cotton yarn of low count which is naturally, heavy and dyed in immense colors. The Bomkai saris are available in Raw materials like cotton, silk fabrics. These saris the Great demand among the designers of fabrics, in major places and cities. The name “Bomkai” was from the Bomkai village in the 1980`s.  Considering the history, this fabric and the garments made from this, were meant for the emperors, people of High class living. 
Cotton saris in Bomkai range are mostly used has casual wear and the silksarees   are wore on Weddings and traditional festivals. The stylish designs are designed with vibrant colors to give the gorgeous look to the woman in the sari. An ancient belief is en carved in its border Mostly the design of fish is found in the sari as it is believed to be a symbol of victory and abundant. The main attractive part in this garment is its thread work and the designs done on border and the pallu. The look of the sari is usually relates its simplicity and has a tribal culture and architecture in it. These saris normally dyed to obtain the red, black and white background colors. In present days, one can find the sari in multiple designs and multiple colors while preserving their originality.
Multiple patterns are seen on the sari with different names rukha, drudambaroo, small flowers (kanthi phoola), bitter guard, mayuri, fish and few designs custom made. The design is basically the weaver’s creativity, perception and choice. The supplementary-warp model of the borders in the sari is called as mikta panji, which is a trelliswork with diamond form that gives the sari its prominence and distinctive attribute.  In modern days the Bomkai sari is available in silk and cotton fabrics. The sari is extra-ordinarily woven in the end piece (pallu) with several bright colors and designs. The weaving of Bomkai sari consumes much time and labour intensive. The weaving of the sari follows the tie and dye method and has unique designed `bandha`. The procedure used in Bomkai pattern, in the sari, is known as Jala technique. These Bomkai saris, have a great reputation in the modern markets of India and even world. These saris are quiet apt for almost all types of gatherings.
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